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Sunsation 32 CCX To Feature ‘Open Floor Plan’

Once reserved for research and design efforts, the far corner section of the lamination department of Sunsation Powerboats has been renamed “Wayne’s World” by Joe Schaldenbrand, one of the owners of the Algonac, Mich., sportboat and center console company. That’s because Schaldenbrand’s brother and business parther, Wayne, has been spending long hours in that corner working on the plug for the company’s latest project, the 32 Center Console Extreme (CCX) model.


Schaldenbrand and company have designed to the upcoming 32 CCX with he calls “an open floor plan.”

“What we’re going to do is finish the plug, build the mold and then build a part in that mold,” said Wayne Schaldenbrand, taking a rare break from his world, in a telephone interview this morning. “Once we have that finished hull part with its stringers and bulkheads in place—exactly as it’s going to be when we build these boats—we’re going to build the deck right on top it. That’s the best way to make everything fits perfectly.”

Schaldenbrand developed the 32-footer stepped hull with consultant Tres Martin, a longtime rigger, former offshore racer and founder of the Tres Martin Performance Boat School. Schaldenbrand designed what he called “receivers” into the plug, which in turn will be created in the mold and the hulls produced from it. Thanks to those receivers, he explained, Sunsation will be able to offer the 32 CCX with an “open floor plan,” meaning the hull can accommodate a number of different interior layouts.

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To get a closer look at Wayne’s World check out the slideshow above.

“You can order it as a CCX, or as a CCX with a cabin all the way forward,” he said. “You could even order it with a closed deck and twin quarter-canopies, like on of our CRT models.

“The open floor plan for the deck means we will be able to build the 32 with outboards or stern drives,” he added. “It’s actually going to have some sharper, more distinctive lines than our other CCX models. It’s going to be a little different.”

The third offering in the CCX series—the company currently builds 29- and 34-foot models—the first 32 CCX will be released this spring.

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