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Sunsation 29 CCX Review: Little Big Boat


Having driven the Sunsation 28′ Intimidator many times during my days as an editor/writer for now-defunct Powerboat magazine, I have to admit I had high expectations for the Algonac, Mich., company’s new 29 CCX center-console when I got my hands it at this year’s Miami International Boat Show.

I also have to admit I had a few reservations. The 29 CCX is based on the 28′ Intimidator V-bottom sportboat hull, and that 28-footer is like of those longtime friends you hold special in your memory. With such friends, change isn’t always welcome. I wasn’t so sure I’d appreciate an aquatic sportscar dressed up as an SUV.

The good news? By using the hull of the 28′ Dominator as the foundation for the 29 CCX, the builder was able create an exciting new model that blends sportboat handling and performance with center-console versatility.

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