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Sunday Fun Day: The Complete List


What started as a fun column with Dave Scott, the fun-loving, thrill-seeking, world champion offshore racer above who spends much of his time at Missouri’s Lake of the Ozarks, Sunday Fun Day has turned into one of the most consistent and popular weekly features on speedonthewater.com.

Below is a list of the people who have been featured for Sunday Fun Day. If you’d like to recommend someone who would be a good candidate for our Sunday Fun Day feature, email us at [email protected].

Sunday Fun Days (most recent first)

Sunday Fun Day: Craig and Patti Mears • Sunday Fun Day Frank Areces
Sunday Fun Day: Bill Lemanske’s Unforgettable Father’s Day

Recovery Day: Tristan Garvin’s Memorable Sunday Fun Day

Summer Richardson’s Extra Special Sunday Fun Day
 • Sunday Fun Day: Bill and Jack Munyan
Sunday Fun Day: Bob Nixon • Sunday Fun Day: Don and Amanda Gardner
Friday, Saturday, Sunday Fun Day: Shaun Torrente • Sunday Fun Day: Joe Celello 
Sunday Fun Day: Jim and Patty Kirkland
 • Sunday Fun Day: Devin Wozencraft
Sunday Fun Day: Joe Nasso
 • Sunday Fun Day: Brett Manire
Sunday Fun Day: Tim Sharkey • Sunday Fun Day: Thomas Anselmi
Sunday Fun Day: Jeff Johnston • Sunday Fun Day: Mike Yowaiski
Sunday Fun Day: Jimmy Biro • Sunday Fun Day: Jerry Graves
Sunday Fun Day: Dave Patnaude • Sunday Fun Day: Mark Godsey
Sunday Fun Day: Vern Gilbert • Sunday Fun Day: Serafino “Jimmy” Cazzani
Sunday Fun Day: Ryan Beckley • Sunday Fun Day: Jeff Ford
Sunday Fun Day: Micheal Stancombe • Sunday Fun Day: Jason Parvey
Sunday Fun Day: Ron Szolack • Sunday Fun Day: John Caparell
Sunday Fun Day: Justin Wagner • Sunday Fun Day Rick Bowling
Sunday Fun Day: Tracy Nemecek • Sunday Fun Day: Tony Scioli
Sunday Fun Day: Bob Christie • Sunday Fun Day: Johnny Saris
Sunday Fun Day: Spring and TJ Bailey • Sunday Fun Day: Dave Scott