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Sunday Fun Day: Ron Szolack

Today’s Sunday may be a little more exciting than normal for performance boater Ron Szolack of Harrison Township, Mich. The well-known owner of Flight Club, who has bought and sold multiple catamarans from Skater Powerboats over the years and has a new Mystic Powerboats M3900 center console coming next month, is enjoying a few days in Clearwater, Fla., for the Super Boat International National Championships.

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Ron Szolack hangs out on Clearwater Beach Pier on Saturday. Photo by Jay Nichols/Naples Image

In a phone call interview for today’s Sunday Fun Day, Szolack kept it short and sweet when describing his ideal Sunday, but he also shared some news that is too good not to pass on—Szolack told speedonthewater.com after attending the SBI race that he’s considering going racing next year in the Superboat Unlimited class.

“I think I want to go race the extreme cats, that looks like a lot of fun,” Szolack said. “Those boats have some serious performance and they haul ass.”
But back to the Sunday Fun Day. Szolack said he’s not a diehard boater so he’s not really into hanging out on boats—he mainly enjoys the adrenaline rush performance boats provide.

“I really just like to go fast with my friends, Jim, Chip, Sammy and Bob,” Szolack said. “My ideal Sunday would be sitting at home, barbecuing with my friends, jumping in a real fast Skater and going out for a 180-mph rip on the water. At most we’d go out for a half hour. You know, just enough time to put the boat on the rev-limiter for a while running across the lake. Then we’d come back, jump in the pool and relax.”

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