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Sunday Fun Day: Micheal Stancombe

On any Sunday during the boating season, you can find all of us together on the water in Indianapolis either just cruising or at the local RC boats races held here once or twice a month. All three Stancombes—my dad, George, and my son, Dom and I—and my girlfriend/partner Cassie Kerns load up the trailer and “head to the pond.” It’s truly a family weekend, every weekend.


For offshore racer Micheal Stancombe (captured here during the 2015 Qatar Cup), the best Sunday Fun Days always involve family. Photo courtesy/copyright Speedonthewater.com.

Since Dad and I work together daily, we just relax the same way. Whether we’re working on the boat or the racecar or the house—or fixing someone else’s boat—we usually do it as a team. When not doing Sunday “family style,” Cassie and I are on the custom bike I built or with friends at Lake Monroe in Southern Indiana.

Relaxing with old and new friends, there is always a boat involved whether it’s “real” or RC. Believe it or not, not many adult beverages are consumed—I know that’s hard for some to accept. But hey, we have fun no matter what we do. And there will always be stomachaches from all the laughter we share.

Editor’s note: A veteran offshore racer with a growing radio-control raceboat business, Micheal Stancombe was featured in the latest issue of Speed On The Water digital magazine, which can be downloaded at no charge now by clicking here.

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