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Sunday Fun Day: Justin Wagner

When it comes to our weekends, we try to get on the water as much as we can during the boating season. We are blessed to live in a community as amazing as Lake of the Ozarks, and be able to get friends and family together on the water often. In all honesty, boating is the easiest way for me to bond with my wife, Cicely, and my daughters, Daetin (14) and Gianna (10). It’s also how I bonded with my mom and dad as a kid, and I hope it’s something my girls will remember and tell their kids about—and maybe even enjoy with their own families.

sunday funday wagner3

Justin and Cicely Wagner love spending their Sundays on the water with their daughters and other friends and family members.

Of course the first thing we do is turn on the music. We usually try to make a playlist before we head out. It’s all about relaxing. We shut off the phones and try to laugh and enjoy each other’s company. I’m not sure I want to admit this, but one of the best things I did was buy a tri-toon. As a family we have more fun on it than any of the catamarans I’ve owned, even though I know the kids were bummed we sold Ironman. Heck last weekend, we had 16 people out on the boat because my aunt, uncle and cousins came to town so we went boating.

I think our ideal Sunday Fun Day would include a slow cruise down the Niangua arm finished by coving out in Ha Ha Tonka State Park. The scenery is amazing there and it makes for a really relaxing day. After that we’d hit the lake and grab dinner at one of our favorite spots, such as Shorty Pants or Papa Chubby’s.

sunday funday wagner1

Wagner (at the helm) and his family have been enjoying their tri-toon all summer long (click to enlarge).

Often times, we’ll take the guys from the shop and their significant others out with us, too. Granted we work on boats all day, but we all love our jobs and getting out on boat for fun is different than working inside one.

Editor’s note: The owner of Waves and Wheels in Osage Beach, Mo., Justin Wagner has owned a few performance catamarans, including the popular Ironman, a Hustler Powerboats 377 Talon Waves and Wheels redid, and the soon-to-be Optimus Prime project boat—a 46-foot Skater Powerboats canopied catamaran Wagner bought earlier this year to convert into a Transformers-themed boat. 

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