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Sunday Fun Day: Johnny Saris

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There is a place on Lake George in New York called Log Bay. Its shallow, sandy, calm and sunny—you really can’t miss there for a Sunday Fun Day.

When we built the Cobra, I purchased the Kryptonite from my father and set to work converting it to a pleasure boat, which basically meant I bolted a back seat in it and called it a day. That was by far the best thing I ever did. This summer (and last) on most Sundays when I haven’t beem racing, my close friends and I have piled into the Kryptonite, cruised to Log Bay dropped anchor and chilled. Sunday Fun Day was—and still is—our thing. Aside from racing, it’s the most fun I have on the water.

For Johnny Saris and his friends, Sunday Fun Day is all about providing entertaining rides for their guests. Check out the slideshow above. Photos courtesy/copyright Johnny Saris/Speedonthewater.com

To up the excitement this year, I brought my first boat, a 1984 13 Mini Hawk originally owned by Betty Cook and handed down to my family from hers, out of storage. It’s been shrink-wrapped for eight years and I swear it got smaller in that time. Or maybe I got bigger—something happened because I barely fit in the boat. It’s an absolute blast and perfect for idling around Log Bay and making new friends.

The Mini Hawk also is perfect for giving the thrill of running offshore to people who have never had the chance. Everyone wants to go for a ride in it. Being one of the few people I trust behind the wheel, EJ Salamone of Team RUFSTER is basically my partner in crime in all this. Our routine this summer has been me in the Kryptonite and him in the Mini Hawk. As small as it is, the Mini Hawk pretty much turns Lake George into the Atlantic Ocean so essentially he has an offshore adventure every time we trek out to the bay—to the point where him and I actually poked the bow through a few cruiser wakes once. It’s hilarious.

You’ll never have more fun than taking girls, who have probably never been over 30 mph in their parent’s Sea Ray, out in a 90-mph Kryptonite or a 40-mph Mini Hawk in what feels like 4-footers. The smiles are endless and the laughs are hysterical. Sunday Fun Day is where it’s at!

Editor’s note: A recent graduate from the State University of New York in Albany with a major in music and a minor in economics, Johnny Saris is championship-winning racer who competes with his father, Jason, on the Offshore Powerboat Association circuit.

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