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Sunday Fun Day: John Caparell


For John Caparell, Sunday Fun Day is all about recharging in a relaxed atmosphere, often in his 32-foot Doug Wright catamaran. Photo courtesy/copyright Pete Boden/Shoot 2 Thrill Pix.

To understand the concept of “Sunday Fun Day” on the water you have to look at the two days leading up to it. Most go-fast boat owners usually take to the water on weekends and head out with enthusiasm on Friday after work. They pack up the boat and head to their favorite boating destination with family, friends or just significant others.

The weekend usually begins with a long Friday night drive, followed by more prep for the upcoming boating day. Saturday is full of things to do on the water, from hitting your favorite bar or restaurant to just playing horseshoes on the sandbar or beach. For some it may include a run to a favorite cove or spot on the lake or ocean—all the while watching all the other boaters on the water scrambling through the same drill. For most performance boaters, Saturday boating day is a go, go, go, non­stop event of doing things and going places. It often ends with a raft-up, float-down or some place—bar, restaurant, party cove—to watch other people.

My personal favorite for people-watching? The launch/retrieval ramp in the evening. In our circle we call this venue “divorce court” and it is highly entertaining, and on some occasions a lesson in how not to do things with your boat.

But on any given weekend, Sunday is the best day on the water with the fewest people. The waterway empties for any number of reasons—general exhaustion from Saturday, too much sun and the ever-popular, “I stayed up way to late on Saturday night,” Add the understandable depression of the dreaded packing up to head home you can easily see why most folks skip boating on Sunday.

Yet wise Sunday boaters all smile—and scoff—at such excuses.


Caparell’s most recent adventure took him to the Lake of the Ozarks Shootout in Central Missouri last month. Photo courtesy/copyright Jeff Helmkamp/Boatfreaks.org

Embrace the “Sunday Fun Day” mindset and you are in for a treat. For seasoned boat owners, it’s the real day of unwinding. Fewer boats on the water, all the big cruisers in their slips, plentiful sandbar beach space and fewer rookies on the water—in our circle we always tell people Sundays are the best boating days. Sunday boating offers you the ease of getting a slip up close or a spot on the beach with plenty of space to wind down with music or your favorite beverage surrounded by the people you love. It’s a time when you can float out and play music without 20 other boats competing to see who has the loudest stereo or most offensive play list.

Sunday boating, if done right, is similar to yoga where you can mentally get away and forget about the stressful things. It’s a day when you rarely if ever look at your watch or cell phone. The concerns you may have about “coming home late Sunday” vanish once you give it a try. Time spent out on the water late Sunday night just relaxing is soulful and will leave you feeling refreshed and ready for the Monday grind.


No one attends more performance-boating events than John Caparell (right) except maybe his friends (in photo) Greg Harris and Yvonne Aleman. And yet Sunday Fun Days are his favorite times on the water.

Editor’s Note: An experienced performance-boat owner and enthusiast, San Diego’s John “KAP” Caparell owns a unique 32-foot Doug Wright catamaran and is a frequent contributor to various media outlets. One of the most well-traveled members of the go-fast boating community, Caparell participates in and writes reviews of a number of events each year. He can be contacted at dougwrightwest.com.

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