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Sunday Fun Day: Jeff Ford

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Whether he’s driving his RPM 26 Redline catamaran (above) or his Xcursion pontoon, Louisiana’s Jeff Ford especially enjoys his Sundays on the water with friends and family. All photos courtesy Jeff Ford.

When I read my good friend John Caparell’s Sunday Fun Day article on speedonthewater.com about a month ago, I understood exactly where he was coming from when he said, “Sunday is the best day on the water with the fewest people.”

Sundays are my favorite day on the water for the same reason. There’s normally less people on the water, and those who are on the water are generally more serious boaters.

Check out the slideshow above for more images from Ford’s recent Sunday Fun Days.

We-my girlfriend Robin Gilmore and I, plus any friends who join us in our boat or their own-don’t try to do too much on Sunday. Sometimes we head into Madisonville or New Orleans for lunch and then head over to the sandbar. The sandbar is where we usually end up no matter what we do and whether we take the big boat or the tri-toon. Sometimes we’ll even cook there. It’s just a relaxing place to hang out.

Although there’s nothing better than running 120 mph in the RPM (26 Redline catamaran), we don’t need the fast boat to have a good time. Cruising at 38 mph in the tri-toon is just as fun.

That’s about it. I’m not as talkative as my friend “Kap,” so I thought it would be easier to share some photos from a couple of past Sundays on the water (see slideshow above).

Editor’s note: Veteran boater Jeff Ford of Denham Springs, La., owns the beautiful and powerful RPM Powerboats 26 Redline that was featured on speedonthewater.com this spring after receiving a facelift, most notably a new Stephen Miles Design paint job. Ford, who works in the deep foundation industry, also owns an Xcursion tri-toon with a single 150-hp engine that he’s put more than 200 hours on in the last year.

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