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Sunday Fun Day: Dave Scott


My idea of a perfect, “Sunday Fun Day” is having guests over to my dock on Missouri’s Lake of the Ozarks. Guests vary but often include between six to 10 people. They can include racer friends, local lake friends and family. Or they can simply be someone we may have just met but we believe would complement our group and would enjoy a relaxing day.

We might start off by taking the 50-foot Mystic for a blast around the lake in the morning. I usually take my Mystic out before noon to avoid other boat traffic since the cat is most comfortable cruising between 110 and 125 mph. Boating at these speeds later in the day takes away from the fun because there are many more boats, personal watercraft and such that have to be watched constantly.


Dave Scott: “We might start off by taking the 50-foot Mystic for a blast around the lake in the morning.” Photos courtesy/copyright Nauti Marine.

When we get back to the dock, the guys will usually grab a cold one from the “Nauti Bar” on the dock while the girls often head for the loungers to get some sun. We’ll turn on the stereo and proceed to visit together while we wait for lunch to finish—usually something from the grill or smoker.

Later in the day we might get into the water and float around while simply enjoying “The Show” that consists of all the fine boats passing in the main channel. We’ll chat with local boaters who idle past my dock to check out the floating hardware while all the time continuing to enjoy each other’s company. Afterward, we often take either my 46-foot Sea-Ray, 42-foot Fountain or 27-foot Playcraft tri-toon—yes I own a pontoon and I love it—and head out to watch the sunset.

When we get back, it’s usually time to slow down, sip a little wine and glow internally while reminiscing on all of the fun we just had and being thankful to be able to enjoy our Sundays as we do.


Ground zero for Scott’s Sunday Fun Day is his Lake of the Ozarks home—complete with an assortment of boats for his Sunday evening cruises.

Editor’s note: Dave Scott is a multi-time offshore racing world champion and world record holder who campaigned several Anheuser-Busch beverage brand back/themed catamarans from 2002 to 2010. Scott founded Nauti Marine, which is now part of Performance Boat Center, on the shores of the Central Missouri waterway. A true ambassador for the sport, Scott is member of the Lake of the Ozarks Shootout Hall of Fame.

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