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Studio Image Gallery: 2019 Cigarette 39’ Top Gun

When it comes to studio-captured images of new high-performance powerboats, no builder can touch Cigarette Racing Team. As with the beautiful boats it creates, the Opa-Locka, Fla., sportboat and center console builder sweats all the details when it comes to in-studio detail photography.

cigarette39topgunzur 11

Even sitting still in the Cigarette Racing Team photo studio, this new Cigarette 39′ Top Gun looks fast (click image to enlarge). Photos courtesy/copyright Cigarette Racing Team.

In search of exceptional photos for the “New Boat” section of the Speed On The Water 2018 Year In Review collectible print edition, which goes on sale next week, we reached out to Cigarette company owner and chief executive officer Skip Braver. Among the images Braver sent were those of a brand-new 39’ Top Gun ordered by Germany-based Cigarette dealer Alfred Zur Hausen and powered by twin Mercury Racing 565 engines.

Exceptional as they are, you won’t find those photos in the upcoming print edition. The other images the Cigarette head sent are that much more impressive. Still, we didn’t want them to go unseen—that would be a shame.

As we’re sure you’ll agree when you check out this gallery.

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