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STRUT Marine Acquires Paul Pfaff Enterprises

If you’re at all dialed into the high-performance marine engine world, you know the name Paul Pfaff. Based in Huntington Beach, Calif., Paul Pfaff and the crew at the company he founded—called Paul Pfaff Racing Engines—have been building high-quality naturally aspirated and supercharged engines for more than 30 years.

The latest news out of the Pfaff camp? The company has been purchased by STRUT Marine, the go-fast boat service extension of the well-known STRUT company that made its name on aesthetic accessories and jewelry items—call them bling if you will—for the automobile and audio markets.

According to Simon Trumper of STRUT, it will “be business as usual” at the Pffaf shop—the outfit isn’t relocating and the staff, most notably Pfaff and Gordon Jennings, is staying on.

“Nothing is changing,” said Trumper.

The acquisition also appears to be a good for both entities on the automotive side, as in addition to its marine engine work as Pfaff —who was out of the office when I called today—builds engines for high-performance offroad vehicles.