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Strong Opening for Missouri’s Lake Race


The inaugural Lake Race, which featured offshore boats as well as pontoon boats, took place last weekend on Missouri’s Lake of the Ozarks. Photo by KP at MOTO-MG

From the sound of things—I wasn’t there—the inaugural Lake Race on Missouri’s Lake of the Ozarks was a tremendous success. Quite a few people, each of whom have been around boat racing for decades, told me yesterday that the event was one of the best-produced races they’ve ever attended.

“Everything about the race was awesome—the only disappointment of the weekend, for me, was that more race teams didn’t show up,” said Ryan Beckley, who finished second in his SmartAutoMartOnline.com 32-foot Doug Wright behind Talbot Excavating in the Super Stock class. “I mean they had prize money that was paid to us at the awards, they gave out free hotel rooms to racers and there were no entry fees. We had 20 boats there—it should have been double that. That really was the only disappointing thing about it.”

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