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Stories Of The Year, Part I: Triumph And Tragedy

After publishing some 700 stories on speedonthewater.com this year, Jason Johnson, my partner in the daily news site covering the high-performance powerboat world, and I can say with confidence that 2017 was a year of stratospheric highs and benthic lows. It wasn’t uncommon for us to finish one day laughing and close out the next in tears. Cover any beat long enough—and we’ve covered this one for a combined 40-plus years—and you can’t help but get invested in it.


The top stories of 2017 ran the gamut of highs and lows. Photo courtesy/copyright Brad Glidewell/Brad Glidewell Photography.

What follows are my five picks for the 2017 Stories of the Year. Johnson’s choices will go live on the offshoreonly.com home page on Thursday, Dec. 28.

Despite our confidence in our picks based on news value, more than a little subjectivity comes into creating any list of this kind. What appears large on our radar way well fly well below yours, and vice-versa. And chances are good that we might even miss a story that should been on one of our lists.

But enough with the explanations and disclaimers. Here are my picks for the top five stories—triumphant and tragic—of 2017.

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