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Stock-Class Future Leaning Toward 300XS Outboards But Not Finalized

Although the general leaning at this point is heavily toward the 300XS as future spec outboard engine power for Super Boat International’s Stock class, that decision is not “final.” That’s the word from Rick Dancisin, the offshore racing organization’s chief referee.


Said Dancisin on the Stock-class power change for 2016: “Until it’s in the rulebook, it’s not in the rulebook.” Photo courtesy Jay Nichols/Naples Image

“We have been negotiating with the Stock-class teams for about two years now, and there are eight to 10 of those on the best day,” he said during a telephone interview yesterday. “We don’t like to ‘dictate’ equipment changes. It hasn’t been decided, but it seems our plan is going to be the 2.5 (outboard)—what they are running right now—through Key West this year. Whatever the change will be, it will be next year—but the 2.5s also will be included in next year’s races.

“What we’ve been trying to determine is something compatible with current power, and the only real candidate is the 300XS,” he continued. “Not only is the 200XS not compatible, it would force us to say, ‘No 2.5s, all 200s.’ The 200s will not be allowed next year. If Gary (Ballough) wants to run them for the rest of this year, so be it.”

Dancisin emphasized that while the 300XS appears to be the choice for Stock-class power in 2016 (“That’s our conclusion to this point,” he said), the change has not been officially finalized.

“It hasn’t been concluded,” he said. “Until it’s in the rulebook, it’s not in the rulebook. Has it ‘officially’ been decided? No, John (Carbonell, SBI’s president) hasn’t heard all of our recommendations, and he has the final say. Did we tell the racers which way we were leaning in Michigan City (Ind.)? Yes. But it’s not written.

“I don’t see it going another way,” he added. “But it’s not official. And whatever we decide will not be effective until next year.”

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