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Still Making a Statement

From the day I met Nick Buis and Todd Werner, the owners of Statement Marine in St. Petersburg, Fla., at a Powerboat magazine test in Fort Myers, Fla., in late 2008, they were quite clear about their intentions in the performance boat marketplace, to make a statement. That’s why they named the company Statement Marine.


The team at Statement Marine is a big reason for the company’s success after 10 years in business. Photo courtesy Statement Marine

That’s also why they showed up to the docks with a state-of-the-art 42-foot V-bottom with an air-suspension cockpit and luxury emanating from the boat’s lines and paintjob as well as its lavishly appointed cockpit. The boat made a statement all right. So did the company’s turbine-powered 50-foot catamaran, which was on the cover of Powerboat magazine’s second-to-last-issue in 2011.

A decade later—the company’s official 10-year anniversary was several weeks ago—and they’re still making a statement, there’s no denying that. The interesting thing is neither Buis nor Werner would have predicted that they’d be making their statement with a hot line of luxury performance center consoles. But that’s where the market has taken them, and they’ve appeared to make all the right moves to improve their product line and their market share, which is why the company’s 100th center console left the Statement factory not long after an anniversary celebration held at the facility at the end of July.

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