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Sterling 1700s Getting Dressed for Final Dyno Testing and Shipping

Sterling's first set of 1700s are scheduled for final testing and shipping in the next week and a half.

Sterling Performance’s much-awaited 1,700-hp turbocharged engines are in their final stages of “dressing” for final dynamometer testing before shipping to Douglas Marine/Skater for installation in a Skater 388 catamaran owned by Sam Smith of Louisiana.

“We’re hoping to get them on the dyno in a week and to Skater in a week and a half,” said Mike D’Anniballe, the principal of Sterling in Milford, Mich. “We always do our final dyno tests with our engines fully dressed.”

“I know the owner wants to have the boat in time for the Fourth of July weekend.

The turbocharged Sterling 1700 is based on the same 557-cubic-inch platform used for the supercharged 1,550- and 1,650-hp engines. A pair of 1,650-hp mills currently are being installed, according to D’Anniballe, in another Skater 388.

“They should be about wrapped up with that one,” said D’Anniballe.

Editor’s Note: Photos of Sterling 1700 engine were not available when this story went live. Photos will be added to an updated story on the engine as they become available.