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Sterling 1,700-hp Engine Coming

Dynamometer testing on Sterling’s new twin-turbocharged 1,700-hp engine should start this week, according to Mike D’Anniballe, the principal of the Milford, Mich., engine company. The new engine is based off Sterling’s supercharged, 557-cubic inch dry-sump 1,500-hp offering.

The first pair of Sterling 1700s are headed for Bob Bull’s 48-foot Marine Technology, Inc., racing catamaran.

“We’re scrambling to get it finished—we haven’t run the first one yet,” D’Anniballe told me this morning. “I am staring at the engine right now now. There are four guys standing around it connecting things just six feet away from me.

“Because it’s built on the same platform as our 1500, the 1500 can be retrofitted with a kit to make it into a 1700,” he continued. “So people who want to upgrade won’t have to buy a completely new engine. We think our customers will appreciate that.”

D’Anniballe said he expects the Sterling 1700 to produce 1,400 hp on pump fuel and 1,700-hp on race fuel. He also said he expects excellent fuel efficiency from the new engine.

“Our feeling is it will make 1,400 hp with the same fuel consumption as our 1,150 and 1,700 hp with same fuel consumption as our 1,500. We don’t think we are being unreasonable with our expectations.”

Price has yet to be established.

“I can tell you this, it’s going to be way cheaper than Mercury’s turbo motor,” said D’Anniballe.