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Stepping Stone: Ohio Boater Takes Delivery of Hustler 25 Talon

In an interview almost four years ago, Hustler Powerboats owner Joe LoGiudice said he was most interested in targeting the entry-level performance boater. Two years later, with Hustler continuing to churn out impressive 388 Reloaded and 39 Rockit V-bottoms, LoGiudice told me during a visit to the Hustler facility in Calverton, N.Y., that he remained focused on reaching the next generation of customers—hence the acquisition of Checkmate Powerboats by Global Marine Power (Hustler’s parent company) a few months prior.

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Hustler Powerboats owner Joe LoGiudice was happy to hand over the keys for his new 25 Talon to Ohio boater Dean Anderson.

Since that visit, Checkmate, which is based in Bucyrus, Ohio, has continued to produce quality sport boats in the 18- to 30-foot range, while Hustler has delivered several offshore V-bottoms, some 29 Rockits and, for the first time in a few years, a 25 Talon catamaran.

Because it’s the first 25 Talon with a Mercury Racing 565 engine—and because Hustler is building another one with outboard power for the Miami International Boat Show in February—the boat is newsworthy. But what’s more interesting about the 25-footer is that it was ordered by a customer from Ohio who purchased a new Checkmate 2400 Pulsare with a Mercury Racing OptiMax 300XS last year.

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