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Stephen Miles Design Knocks Out Second Outerlimits SC 37 Paintjob

Though Stephen Miles has a steady stream of new builds from Outerlimits Offshore Powerboats flowing through his Owensboro, Ky., shop, he just completed his second SC 37 catamaran paintjob—this one for Canadian owner Benji Mastronardi—last week. Miles’ first paintwork on a 37-footer from the Bristol, R.I., builder, was for repeat clients Jeremy, Kristie and Tyler Tschida, and it followed the same basic color scheme he created for Topless, the Minnesota family’s SC 46 catamaran.

The second Outerlimits SC 37 catamaran painted by Stephen Miles Design is a cool departure from the first one.

But though the graphics Stephen Miles Design created for Tschida are molten hot, those created for Mastronardi are, to borrow from the late ESPN broadcaster Stuart Scott, “cool as the other side of the pillow.”

“Benji‘s instructions were simple, ‘I like blue and white, and I want it to be the most bad-ass SC 37 that has been painted to date,’” Miles explained. “So of course he got some really cool fades and effects—the airbrushed carbon fiber and full-blown custom paint on the engines and seatbacks.”

Though Benji Mastronardi is a first-time Stephen Miles Design client, his twin brother, Chris, is not.

“I would venture to say we’ve painted at least six boats for Chris,” Miles said. “Both of these gentlemen are a blast to work with.

“Several more SC 37s are on the way,” he added. “I’m looking forward to creating a unique look for each of them.”

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