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Stephen Miles Design Business Booming With Diverse Projects

Having just delivered a freshly painted SL 52 V-bottom to Outerlimits Offshore Powerboats in Bristol, R.I., and in the midst of painting an all-carbon-fiber canopied SV 43 and its soon-to-be-color-matched Freightliner and trailer, Stephen Miles is reporting that the Owensboro, Ky., company that bears his name is as busy as it’s ever been. His current projects run the gamut from painting the aforementioned boat-truck-trailer combo to designing a special Speedonthewater.com “Artist Series” T-shirt, which will be on sale during the annual OSO/SOTW Key West Bash in Florida next month.

smdbusy 03

The paint booth at Stephen Miles Design has been busy with Outerlimits projects.

“We’re not 100-percent sure just yet, but we’ll probably also be painting a motorcoach and a BMW i3 car to go with the SV 43 and its truck and trailer,” he said.

Miles and his crew also will begin painting their first Deep Impact center console—a new 39-footer—this year. “My wife and I are picking it up in Key West next month and hauling it back to the shop,” he said. “We had planned to fly down there, but now we’re driving.”

Between now and then, Miles said, they’ll continue working on the Mercury Racing 1550/1350-powered SV 43 project as well as an all-carbon-fiber Outerlimits SL 44 with Mercury Racing 1100 engines.

A color-matched boat and hauler combo is underway at the SMD shop.

“We also have a new SC 46 catamaran coming from Outerlimits,” said Miles, who has been working with a broken leg in a cast for the past couple of months. “We’re going to be busy for quite awhile.”

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