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Statement Cat Moving—Center Consoles Coming

Though they’re not as omnipresent at poker runs and offshore races as they were last summer promoting their then-new 42-foot-long V-bottom, Todd Werner and Nick Buis at Statement Marine in St. Petersburg, Fla., are definitely keeping busy. Their brand-new 50-foot-long catamaran, which finished first among pleasure boats at last month’s Bimini Offshore Challenge, is getting its final set-up tweaks.

Buis said that they’d hoped to campaign the cat on the poker circuit, though on a much smaller scale than they did with V-bottom last summer. However, the first Statement catamaran has a buyer, as does Statement catamaran No. 2.

Not bad, considering the 50-footer starts at $1.3 million.

“We’re working out the details with the buyer of the first cat so we can use it for giving test rides,” said Buis.

Statement has built two 42-foot-long V-bottoms to date, and a third is in production, according to Buis.

“We have someone we’re talking to about buying the second one—this weekend was a huge milestone for us,” he said. “I can’t release a name just yet, but it will be someone everyone knows.”

In the next three to four months, Buis said he expects Statement to produce its first center-console models, which like the V-bottom and the catamaran will have air-cushioned cockpits. Statement’s 34-foot-long center console will be available with twin and triple outboard engines. Its 37-footer will be offered with diesel inboards.

Without question, Statement has spent millions in the last few years—without money coming in from boat sales. But Buis explained that he and Werner, who has provided the overwhelming majority of the company’s funding, are patient and pleased with their progress so far.

“We are not looking to build a ton of boats a year, maybe eight or so,” he said. “We started in a down-turned economy, so we don’t have the problem of trying to downsize our company in a hurry. We’re not burdened with overhead. We’re still ramping up.”