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Statement Building Wildest, Most Powerful 38’ SUV Yet

Featuring a true performance-boat-style paint job, which is what Houston native Jeff Campbell wanted when he ordered his Statement Marine 38’ SUV and had it delivered to Michigan to be painted by Chris Mills and company at Boat Customs, the 38-foot center console currently in production isn’t just setting new standards in the paint department—it’s also the most powerful 38’ SUV the St. Petersburg, Fla., has built to date.

statement38 campbell paint2

Painted by Boat Customs in Michigan, this Statement Marine 38′ SUV returned to the Florida boat builder’s production facility this week.

With 1,600 hp between the 38-footer’s quad Mercury Racing Verado 400R engines the boat is sure to be quick. It’s also extremely trick. While the detail images will have to wait until the center console is complete, Campbell said the boat, which arrived back in Florida safely on Tuesday and is expected to be finished in a couple of months, is not your everyday center console.

“We’ve put a lot of thought into this boat and I can’t wait to see the finished product,” said Campbell who also owns a 427V with twin Mercury Racing 1100 engines from Nor-Tech Hi-Performance Boats that also was painted by Boat Customs. “I’ve always had powerboats and I like to use them—I put quite a few hours on them each year. The more user friendly and accommodating aspects of center consoles have intrigued me for some time, but I don’t fish and I wanted something that looked and felt more like a sportboat. I think that’s exactly what this boat will be when it’s complete.”

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Check out more images of the outrageous paint job in the slideshow above.

Between the power, the paint and the interior—a black Alcantara similar to what’s in his Nor-Tech but with orange accents will be used throughout—Campbell is sure to have a boat that stands out at the docks in November during the Key West Poker Run presented by the Florida Powerboat Club. The Center of Attention name he selected for the 38’ SUV is fitting.

“I think Chris Mills did an outstanding job, a most excellent job,” said Statement’s Craig Barrie. “When dealing with a boat, you’re not dealing with a flat surface. Yet most renderings you see are flat and a design concept on a flat surface doesn’t always translate, for example, when the hull flares in and flares out, and changes drastically from the bow to the transom. But Chris got it right. When you look at it, the design moves with the shape of the boat. Now tie that in with the painted console and other pieces as well as custom powder coating and the overall theme works perfectly.

“Wait until you see this hard top—it’s got the mack daddy stereo system,” he added, describing but not ready to show just yet the top and arch combination that features 10 speakers facing in various directions, several four-way directional LED lights and a curved, single-row LED bar molded into the front. “We’re also doing something different with the forward seating area by turning it into a lounge area, basically a huge enclosed sun pad, with backrests in the front that face aft and cushion that elevate electrically to look out over the bow or back toward the console.”

statement38 campbell nortech

Campbell’s 427V from Nor-Tech runs during the 2013 Key West Poker Run. Photo courtesy Florida Powerboat Club.

Barrie said all of the electronic controls in the boat are made simple via the helm’s three-face dash with a trio of Garmin GPS displays that can be interfaced with everything. He added that the stereo system includes four subwoofers and 22 speakers, and that the flooring of the 38-footer is going to be unique.

Speedonthewater.com will post a follow-up story once Campbell’s Statement 38’ SUV is complete.

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