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Stancombes To Continue Offshore Racing Legacy

One of offshore powerboat racing’s most colorful characters, Micheal Stancombe began competing alongside his father, George, in 1985. The Indiana-based, father-and-son team competed around the country in various V-bottom and catamaran classes during the years. In 2015—the one of the last times they shared a raceboat cockpit—they even traveled to the Middle East to campaign a 36-foot Skater Powerboats catamaran in the Qatar Cup.

A veteran offshore racer, Micheal Stancombe is planning to campaign this 21-footer with his son, Dominic, in the Class 7 ranks this season.

Now Micheal Stancombe is bringing his 14-year-old son, Dominic, into the offshore racing world. In May 2020, Stancombe purchased a 21-foot Challenger V-bottom from an owner in Wisconsin. His plan is to throttle the boat, which is powered by a 225-hp Mercury Marine outboard engine, in the Offshore Powerboat Association Class 7 ranks with Dominic behind the wheel.

“We have run it a bunch—we ran it for most of last summer and we even ran in this year’s Joey Gratton run and the Pack The Pantry run in Punta Gorda,” he said, then laughed. “Class 7 is a great place for Dom to learn to drive with me next to him, and grandpa yelling at him through the intercom system.

“He’s a little apprehensive, but he’s excited about it,” he continued. “But it’s in the bloodline and I think we have to continue.”

Though Stancombe said he’ll bring the 21-footer to the American Power Boat Association Offshore Championship Series season-opener, May 20-23, in Cocoa Beach, Fla., he and his son won’t compete at the storied rough-water venue. Their first foray on the racecourse will be at the Lake Race, June 3-5, on the Lake of the Ozarks in Central Missouri.

The team will be sponsored by Team Woody, BBLADES Professional Propellers, JT’s Social Club, Yardarm Marine and Peppers.

Micheal Stancombe, “This is a learning year.”

Asked what he’s most looking forward to, Dominic Stancombe, an eighth-grader of few words, kept it simple.

“Winning,” he said.

Much as he appreciates his son’s ambition and attitude, Stancombe has a different plan.

“I’ve told Dom, this is a learning year,” he said. “We are not going out to win. We are not going to win right now. We are going out to learn.

“If he takes to this, we’ll find something else to buy and run it in Stancombe fashion,’ he added. “I’m looking forward to running with Dom. I’m pretty sure it will run a close second, at least, to my time racing with Donzi.”

In 2015, Micheal Stancombe and his father, George, traveled to Doha, Qatar, to compete in their Peters And May-backed Skater Powerboats catamaran.

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