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Speedonthewater.com To Add Video in Early 2010

American Powerboat Television

Things are—pardon the cheap pun—moving fast on speedonthewater.com. In the span of 90 minutes yesterday, I got calls from John Potts at American Powerboat Television and Jeff Gerardi at Freeze Frame Video. Both are interested, as I am, in getting video on this site.

For my part, I’m flattered they even know speedonthewater.com exists—it’s only went live on Nov. 6. But I’ve known Potts and Gerardi for years. Potts did quite a bit of video work for Powerboat magazine, where I’ve written since 1994, particularly during its annual Performance Trials. Gerardi—OK, who doesn’t know “Freeze Frame Jeff?”—has been capturing offshore races and poker runs, through video and still images, for longer than anyone currently in the business. Both Potts and Gerardi have hours of spectacular footage.

Of course, I don’t plan to offer “hours” of that footage on speedonthewater. I’m thinking more like 30-second snippets, but the presentation plan work is just beginning. The idea, after all, is not for these guys to simply give away their work. As business models go, that one is pretty weak. And they are businessmen.

Potts also told me about new G3 technology American Powerboat Television will use next year to provide live online video cockpit feeds from offshore races. As I told him, that sounds amazing and I’d definitely like to have it next summer.

Stay tuned and keep your eyes open. As I said, things are moving pretty fast around here.