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Speedonthewater.com Trailer Headed to Big Cat & Shootout

After debuting the trailer in Lake Havasu City, Ariz., Speedonthewater.com's Jason Johnson drove the trailer to Houston for the Texas Outlaw Challenge (above).

After debuting the marketing trailer in Lake Havasu City, Ariz., Speedonthewater.com’s Jason Johnson drove the trailer to Houston to cover the Texas Outlaw Challenge (above), as well as promote the website and new digital magazine.

Admittedly, neither Matt Trulio nor myself are great self-promoters, although we’re getting better. So as I put plans in place to attend two events in August—the Big Cat Poker Run in Northern California and the Lake of the Ozarks Shootout in Missouri—I figured now was as good a time as any to throw out a little self-promotion for our latest marketing vehicle—the Speedonthewater.com trailer.

For those of you who haven’t seen our modified Doolittle trailer, which is probably most of you unless you happened to catch up with us at the Desert Storm Poker Run in April or the Texas Outlaw Challenge in June, take a look. We’ll be happy to show it off and give you a free coozie at one of next month’s events, but just in case you won’t be in California or Missouri, check out what our friends at Waves and Wheels in Osage Beach, Mo., created for us.

The Doolittle trailer has traveled through a lot of desert terrain already this summer.
In preparation for the entertainment system, the Waves and Wheels crew removed the paneling on the inside and outside of the trailer.
Covered in black carpet, a custom housing was created to contain the speakers, subwoofer and 42-inch TV.
Red LED lights on the underside add to the trailer's appearance, but the barbecue mounted on the rear door adds to the trailer's functionality.
 The Desert Storm Poker Run Street Party in Lake Havasu was the perfect venue for the trailer's debut.

As you would expect from the talented audio and video customization crew at Waves and Wheels, the trailer’s entertainment system is top-notch. Basically we let owner Justin Wagner and his team have at it, and they didn’t let us down.

To start, the crew removed the inside plywood panel on the passenger side and reinforced the steel frame to be able to house a 42-inch LCD flatscreen, four Focal 165 coaxial speakers with marine grilles and an 800-watt, 10-inch Kicker subwoofer. Along with fabricating the housing for the entire entertainment system, longtime Waves and Wheels installer Josh Roark created the 56-inch-wide exterior access panel from marine board and covered it with the original paneling he removed. The panel slips up into a custom trim ring and locks into place with latches.

To power all of the electronics, Waves and Wheels created custom cabinetry in the front of the trailer. In the middle of two storage cabinets—the left side is designated for a generator and the right side houses the amplifiers, batteries, inverter and 12-volt power supply—is a mini fridge for keeping drinks cool. The entire top of the cabinet is covered in simulated carbon-fiber upholstery, providing plenty of usable countertop space.

Wagner said the material is the same the company uses for all of its custom boat interior work. He also said that the trailer’s entertainment system setup is the same used in a “basic” Waves and Wheels boat installation. Essentially, if you want to hear what your boat could sound like with help from Wagner and company, stop by the trailer and we can provide an example.

The last modification—but certainly not the least—was mounting a barbecue on the inside of the rear driver side door. To do so, Roark designed a custom cabinet to support the grill and house a propane tank. Before securing the grill, he installed a metal sheet on the inside of the door to prevent the heat from damaging the wood.

Of course, the appearance of the trailer is crucial so we enlisted our friend Ryan Beckley of Kinetic Animation in Bradenton, Fla., to handle the trailer graphics. We came up with the simple racing stripe look with the Speedonthewater.com logo on the sides and the front—no need to go overboard, right? Oh we did ask Waves and Wheels to install LED lights on the underside of the trailer, and boy do the red lights really brighten up the trailer when it gets dark.

Compared to some of the rigs that haul performance boats nowadays, our trailer isn’t all that exciting. But we’re damn proud of it. Let us know what you think in person or right here on this page. We hope to see you at an upcoming event.

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