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Speedonthewater.com Surpasses 4,000-Article Mark


Without the dedication and contributions of photographer Pete Boden and others, speedonthewater.com wouldn’t be possible. Photo courtesy/copyright Pete Boden/Shoot 2 Thrill Pix.

That the 4,000th article we’ve published since starting speedonthewater.com seven years ago came and went without our own recognition is no surprise. We’re plenty proud of what we’ve done since we started the site, but we do a miserable job of self-promotion. That could be a function of publishing seven days a week on the website, producing a weekly newsletter and a bi-monthly digital magazine and—we’re in the thick of it right now—creating a 164-page Year In Review print edition, which will be distributed in January.

Frankly, we’re just too busy to waste time telling you how wonderful we think we are. Plus, it’s not in our nature and it’s not how we think.

So instead we’ll tell you how great our contributors such as chief photographer Pete Boden are. We’ll tell you how hard contributors Johnny Saris and Mike Yowaiski worked to cover every race of the Offshore Powerboat Association circuit so far this year. We’ll tell you how lucky we are to have marine writer Eric Colby, one of the best in the business, working with us.

Though Boden carries the lion’s share of photo work for speedonthewater.com—and does a whole lot more behind the scenes for the site—we are blessed with steady contributions from photographers Tim Sharkey, Jay Nichols, Jeff Helmkamp, Erick Bryner, Yvonne Aleman, Cody Edmunds and Rodney Olson. Their fine images bring our articles to life.

Most of all, we thank you, our readers, for your ongoing support. Your readership attracts advertisers, and the revenue we receive from them keeps the lights on. To all of those companies that support our efforts, thank you. Without you and the readers, there is no speedonthewater.com.

Article No. 4,000, “Mercury Marine Earns Innovation Awards at IBEX,” went live Oct. 4 and it wasn’t earthshaking in terms of news value or website traffic. That’s the thing about publishing seven days a week—you have to accept that homeruns are rare and that consistent singles and bunts are what it takes to get the job done. (Sorry for the baseball analogies, but co-publisher Jason Johnson and I are huge baseball fans and we’re caught up in the playoffs right now.) We realize we are far from perfect and that not every story is a gem. We accept that not everyone likes, much less loves, what we do. It’s OK. Expect anything different and you can’t do this job.

Time to get back to work. Article No. 5,000 is just 963 stories away.

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