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Speed On The Water Year In Review Issue Presents A Lasting Trip Down Memory Lane

How do you know you’ve had an unforgettable time at any given event?

You were so caught in the moment that you never pulled out your smart phone. You came home with no photos or videos to prove you were there.

Intangible as they may be, your memories and the memories of your cohorts are your only evidence of participation. But they also are hard evidence of your full immersion in the moment, something that tends to get lost in the rush to raise a mobile phone.

Immersed in the moment—“Howe 2 Live” YouTube stars Sarah and Michael Howe at the 2022 Speed On The Water Key West Bash. Photo by Jeff Helmkamp copyright Helmkamp Photos.

Don’t worry about it, at least when it comes to go-fast boating events. Because chances are, thanks to our annual Speed On The Water Year In Review print magazine, we have your memories covered. You may not find your own image or that of your boat in the 196-page, mostly all-encompassing issue, but at the very least you’ll find that poker run, fun run, offshore race or other event that engaged you to the point where you didn’t even think about grabbing a selfie or anything else to feed social media.

Our job is to cover the story, not be part of it, so we never forget to include plenty of photos from every event—and that means pretty much all of them in the performance boat world—we publish on our daily news site. But those images are a fraction of those we actually use, so we’re able add more to the “Events” section of Year In Review, which will celebrate its eighth anniversary with the 2022 edition.

We are in the midst of producing that issue, which will ship in January, right now and production will continue—with breaks for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day—through the end of the year. It’s shaping up to be another beauty, one that we know will jog your memory, keep you warm during the winter and pump you up to make new memories next year.

But even if you don’t come back with a single image from the 2023 boating season, pat yourself on the back and don’t worry about it. We’ve got you covered next year, too.

Click here to order your 2022 Speed On The Water Year In Review print edition.

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