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Speed On The Water Digital Magazine, ‘The Interview Issue’ Goes Live

With the mid-May launch of Speedonthewater.com 3.0—a project two years in the making—and a steady stream of daily news to keep up with seven days a week, we’ve been busier than usual of late. But when the going gets tough, the tough like to make it tougher, so we embarked on our most ambitious Speed On The Water digital magazine issue since we began publishing the bi-monthly title seven years ago.

Speed On The Water, “The Interview Issue” puts you up close and personal with more than 20 figures in the high-performance world from MTI founder Randy Scism and Appearance Products owner Craig Ellis to Mark Morris of Visual Imagination and Tyler Miller of the M-Con offshore powerboat racing team. From event organizers to sales directors, from industry leaders to poker-run enthusiasts, we deliver the human side of the go-fast boating realm likes it’s never been delivered before.

No longer a free download starting with this issue, readers can subscribe to Speed On The Water digital magazine—six issues a year for $18 (plus access to the previous 40 issues in our archives)—and immediately download The Interview Issue by clicking here. We had always intended to charge for our digital magazine, but simply hadn’t gotten to that point some seven years later. Launching Speedonthewater.com 3.0 gave us the opportunity to add that functionality.

We know this will disappoint some readers who have enjoyed receiving the digital magazine at no charge. We expect to lose some readers and we’ll certainly miss them and hope they return. But while speedonthewater.com is a news outlet and access to the website will always be free, it is also a business. For years, readers have asked us why we don’t charge for the digital book. Now we do—and it’s still a bargain.

Starting with one remarkable issue.

Please feel free to reach out to us with feedback—good or bad—or if you have any questions or issues with the magazine download process. Thanks for reading!