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Speed On The Water 2023 Year In Review Issue—It’s All About The People

Here’s how I know the annual Speed On The Water Year In Review print magazine—our only printed product—is in full production: Jason Johnson goes ghost. It’s not that Johnson, my friend and partner in all things speedonthewater.com, is a chatterbox to begin with. He’s a quiet, mellow guy.

But let’s just say Johnson took “The Elements of Style,” the bible of great writing for professionals, seriously when the authors wrote, “Omit needless words. Omit. Omit. Omit.”

Without the people who buy and build them, high-performance powerboats are fiberglass and resin. Photos by Jeff Helmkamp copyright Helmkamp Photos.

So it’s a good sign, a very good sign, that Johnson has been more quiet than usual of late. But on Monday, he broke his monk-like silence (yes, I’m giving him a hard time because that’s what longtime friends and business partners do) to ask a few questions about the People section of the 2023 Year In Review issue. And I was reminded that it’s my favorite element of the entire freaking 196-page magazine.

Though all the other sections, from New Boats to Events, of the oversized print beast are cool, People is by far the coolest. None of this matters without the people involved. And that means you.

You are a collection of wonderful, beautiful, passionate, generous and often colorful characters. You’re close-knit tribe, for sure, and celebrating you in Year In Review is a joy and an honor.

The high-performance powerboating community is something to celebrate.

Chances are good you’ll recognize as many people as we do, probably even more, in the People section of the 2023 issue. And of those you don’t recognize, there’s an equally good chance you’ll meet them sometime in 2024.

As for Johnson, he’s back in monk mode. And that means production of the Speed On The Water 2023 Year In Review issue is in full swing.

Order yours today.

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