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Speed Off The Water


It’s not unusual for people who love and own fast boats to also love and own fast cars. In fact, it’s pretty common. If there really is a “speed gene,” as it’s been called, it’s a dominant rather than recessive one and it knows no bounds. For most folks with that stuff in their DNA, fast comes first. Always. How they get there is secondary.

As a fan of offshore racing ran, you know Dan Lawrence as the throttleman for The Hulk/Redline Oil—the 32-foot Doug Wright catamaran he throttles with owner/driver Rob Nunziato in Super Boat International’s Superboat Stock class. Last year, the team took second place overall at the SBI Key West Offshore World Championships. While the team did not start at SBI’s most recent event in Cocoa Beach, Fla., they kicked off the year with a win at the season-opener in Charlotte Harbor, Fla.

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