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Spartan Powerboat Club Releases Robust 2023 Event Schedule

Heading into its fifth year, the New Jersey-headquartered Spartan Powerboat Club has reinvigorated the Garden State go-fast boating scene by attracting an estimated 700 members. Founder Del Flores didn’t simply hang out a sign and call a bunch of friends, though his friends have played a big role in the nonprofit club’s growth. He built buzz for his outfit by producing fun events that have attracted veteran high-performance powerboat owners such as Pete Mazzo, Thomas Anselmi and Michael Ciasulli without alienating or intimidating relative newcomers.

The Spartan Powerboat Club returns this season with six solid events on its calendar. Photos by Tim Sharkey copyright Sharkey Images.

“We have such a nice blend of the old-school and new-school powerboat lovers from all over the Northeast,” Flores said. “And you know what? The old-school always are the first club members to register for any given event.

From grizzled vets to fresh-faced novices, Spartan Powerboat Club members will have plenty of events to enjoy this season. Here’s a quick look at the 2023 schedule:

May 27—Sixth annual Barnegat Bay Fun Run sponsored by Barnegat Bay Marina and KJB Fireplaces
May 28—Jeff Ackerman Fun Run to “Jeff Cove”
June 16-18—Cory Molinari Atlantic City Fun Run
July 8—Speed Marine/Shocker Offshore Fun Run
August 12—FDR Hitches/Marine Unlimited Fun Run
September 2—Barnegat Bay Marina Labor Day Fun Run and Open House

(From left) Captured here during the 2021 Toys Tour with Velocity Powerboats owner Scott McCormick, Chad Shutter and his now-fiancé Ashley Gerthoffer, Del Flores is the founder and driving force behind the Spartan Powerboat Club.

Total Dollar Insurance, which has been with the club since its early days, and Total Marine—a Fountain and Donzi dealer —are sponsoring the Cory Molinari Atlantic City event,” Flores said. “That one will be like two events in one with the poker run Friday and another run on Saturday.”

Flores described the growth of the Spartan Powerboat Clubs as rewarding and humbling.

“I’ve even had people call who don’t have boats and want to join,” he said, then laughed. “I felt bad telling them that’s not really what the club is about.”

Boat names don’t get any more New Jersey than this one, which is part of the Spartan Powerboat Club’s charm.

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