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Snowy Mountain Brewery Given Parity Restrictions

Dominant in Super Boat International Superboat Vee class, the Snowy Mountain Brewery 29-foot Outerlimits V-bottom, which hasn’t lost a race since it joined the circuit three years ago, will now be required to maintain a post-race weight of no less than 5,000 pounds and maintain an active and downloadable G2X PRO Data Logger. The move, which was announced in an email from SBI’ chief referee Rich Dancisin to Superboat Vee teams, was made to “maintain parity” in the class.

snowy outerlimits freezeframe

Snowy Mountain Brewery will be required to have a heavier post-race weight than other boats in the Superboat Vee class at upcoming SBI races. Photo coyrtesy Jeff Gerardi/Freeze Frame 

“As result of four consecutive 1st Place finishes and the apparent speed advantage of the # 14 Snowy Mountain Brewery, at this time SBI feels it necessary to invoke Rule # 5.10.12 on page 44 – 45 of the 2014 Technical Rulebook,” the email explained. “This Rule allows for the adjustment of minimum weight or minimum drive height (X Dimension) or both to create and maintain parity.”

Michael “Doc” Janssen, the owner and driver of Snowy Mountain Brewery, said that while he was disappointed with the decision that he understood and accepted it.

“I think the SBI officials did a good job coming up with a rational decision, and that is where we are today,” said Janssen. “It’s in the rulebook, and they looked at a lot of ways to maintain parity in the class. I’d rather see the focus on ways to motivate other teams to find ways to raise the bar, but I understand that we are also in the entertainment business. People want to see competition in offshore racing. They don’t want to see a drag race.

“With six different people in our raceboat, we’ve been pretty successful and consistent,” he continued. “We’ve never had a breakdown in a race—that’s a big thing. Even in Key West last year, we were only one-half to one-mile-per-hour faster than our closest competitor, so we’re not sure if that’s enough of a reason for SBI to slow us down. But we accept it. In fact, we take it as a compliment.”

For the rest of Superboat Vee class, a minimum post-race finishing weight of 4,750 pounds will be required. All of the other boats in the class also will continue to carry G2X PRO Data Loggers, as they did in the SBI season-opener in Charlotte Harbor, Fla.

“I applaud the sanctioning body for its decision,” said Steve Miklos of the Sun Print, a 29-foot Extreme V-bottom Superboat Vee team, which finished second to Snowy Mountain Brewery in Charlotte Harbor and has been the Snowy Mountain’s toughest and most consistent competitor since the Outerlimits V-bottom joined the class. “I’ve been an official and these decisions and actions are never easy, and I think the sanctioning body did a very good job with this one. Power to weight ratio is always important, and this should dampen things somewhat.”

According to the email sent to Superboat Vee class teams, the restrictions on Snow Mountain Brewery will be assessed and adjusted, and will continue “until SBI is satisfied that parity in the class is satisfactory.”

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