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Sneak Peeks: Donzi 41 GT No. 2 And 44 Catamaran No. 1

While more than a few high-performance powerboat builders shut down for a week or so during the holidays, particularly in December, that doesn’t mean there aren’t intriguing things happening in the last two months of the year. For builders planning to unveil new models at the annual Miami International Boat Show in February, the work can slow a bit for some holiday cheer, but it can’t stop altogether.

donzi44cat 04

Are you ready for a new 44-foot Donzi catamaran (click image to enlarge)?

Take Iconic Marine Group in Washington, N.C. Not that the company is ignoring its Fountain or Baja brands, but it has been focusing significant attention of late on its Donzi offerings. And thanks to chief operating officer Joe Curran, we have the images to prove it.

One of the models, the 41 GT sportboat, you’ve seen before on speedonthewater.com and in the pages of the website’s September/October digital magazine. But shown in these photos, the second open-cockpit-layout 41-footer will be powered by triple Mercury Racing Verado 400R outboard engines. With twin Verado 400Rs, the first 41 GT topped 70 mph. With a trio of the 400-hp engines, the second will top 80 mph.


The second Donzi 41 GT will be equipped with triple Mercury Racing Verado 400R outboard engines (click image to enlarge).

As for the model you likely haven’t seen before—unless you have spy-level clearance and some great connections—it’s a 44-foot catamaran. Yes, the Donzi line in the near future will include its first cat. According to Curran, Iconic tapped an outside vendor for help with the boat’s design.

“It’s going to be an incredible boat, and one that’s true to the Donzi legacy of performance, styling and build quality,” said Curran.

The Iconic team is planning to have both boats ready in time for the 2019 Miami show. And now when you hit the Donzi docks, you’ll know what to look for. Of course, by then you’ll be looking at two finished and mostly likely spectacular finished products.

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