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Sneak Peek: The Writer And The Wrench

What forever binds Mercury Racing hydrodynamics specialist Mike Griffiths, one of the finest overall setup men in the country, to prolific freelance writer and regular Boating magazine contributor Charles Plueddeman? It isn’t that both hail from Wisconsin, the home the high-performance marine propulsion and accessories giant, and are exceptional at their jobs. It isn’t their shared fascination and commitment—for wildly different reasons—to the products of Mercury Racing.

Freelance marine writer Charles Plueddeman (left) and Mercury Racing setup ace Mike Griffiths talked snowmobiles in January at a secret location in Fond du Lac, Wis. Photo courtesy/copyright Scrapyard Media.

It isn’t that both gentlemen are paired up for an upcoming video series being produced by Speed On The Water and Scrapyard Media to celebrate Mercury Racing’s 50th anniversary this year. It’s not even that they have cool nicknames, meaning Plueddy and Griff.

It’s their shared love of snowmobiles and snowmobiling.

Griffiths reportedly is an animal on a sled, especially when conditions get heavy. Plueddeman is said to be a fine rider as well, but he’s also something of a snowmobile historian. He even worked on launching a magazine devoted to vintage snowmobiles, but wisely realized the audience for such a publication was limited.

Sleds tearing up and down the frozen Fond du Lac River during their video shoot at a secret Mercury Racing facility, which doubles an office for Griffiths when he’s not working out of his soon-to-be former Florida location, set the mood.

Of course, two marine industry veterans from completely different professional backgrounds and sides of the industry had more to talk about than their favorite snowmobiles and you’ll learn all about them when their episode, one of eight in the new series, goes live.

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