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Sneak Peek: Talking Shop With Barrett And Latham

Adrian Barrett and Amanda Latham traveled far in the dead of winter to reach Fond du Lac, Wis., last month for a new Mercury Racing-backed video series being produced by Speed On The Water and Scrapyard Media. Barrett came from Arizona, the home of Barrett Custom Marine, his thriving business in Lake Havasu City. But Latham had him beaten, because though Man O’ War Marine, the company she owns in Fort Lauderdale, Fla., which is a few hundred miles closer to Fond du Lac than Lake Havasu City, she arrived from Europe.

Another data point of note? Of the 16 remarkable individuals paired for the eight-episode project, they were coldest throughout their shoot.

And by cold I mean visibly shivering.

On a snowy January morning Adrian Barrett and Amanda Latham warmed up the set for an upcoming video series sponsored by Mercury Racing. Photo by Brad DiMaggio copyright Scrapyard Media.

To be fair, our makeshift studio on the shores of the frozen Fond du Lac River, complete with snowmobiles rocketing up and down it for much of the morning, was cold. And to compound the issue, neither Barrett nor Latham spend much time in cold weather. Yes, Fort Lauderdale and Lake Havasu City got chilly a few times this winter.

But neither of them got—much less ever get—Fond du Lac chilly.

Still once they warmed up, the two Mercury Marine/Mercury Racing dealers found plenty to talk about. An offshore racing crew chief since the early 2000s, Barrett started his business 12 years ago. Latham, perhaps the most knowledgeable Seven Marine outboard trouble-shooter/mechanic on the planet, started her Mercury repower and service center business three years ago.

Barrett is the epitome of cool. Latham is a charisma bomb. Both are whip-smart.

And you’ll get to know them when their episode airs this spring season.

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