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Sneak Peek: Statement Marine Finishing First 36-Foot Cat

A few months after acquiring the assets of Pilini Marine, Statement Marine is getting close to wrapping up its first outboard-powered catamaran—as you can see from the images of the beautifully painted 36-footer that Statement’s Nick Buis shared with speedonthewater.com this morning.

The team at Statement Marine is getting close to wrapping up its first outboard-powered catamaran, which is owned by Florida performance boater Ralph Munyan. Photos courtesy Statement Marine

Purchased by father-and-son performance boaters from Florida—Ralph and Daniel Munyan, who also happened to buy the first 34-foot cat built by Pilini Marine a little more than two years ago—the new 36-foot catamaran, which is powered by twin Mercury Racing 450R engines, is expected to be ready for testing soon. As you might assume, the Munyans can’t wait to get their hands on what they are already calling their best boat ever.

“We’re so excited about the new boat especially after Nick and his team got their hands on it,” Ralph Munyan said. “Everything they’ve done so far has been incredible. The boat is going to be bad-ass. We decided to go with House of Kolor paint and the guys at Statement, who never used it before, have been impressed with the product. I’m biased, but I think it’s one of the best paintjobs I’ve ever seen on a boat. The paint has something to do with it, but most of the credit goes to the team at Statement.”

The Munyans, who own Munyan Painting and Restoration, were introduced to Minneapolis, Minn.-based House Of Kolor through their longtime friend, Marc Granet, a member of the ownership group behind the Miss GEICO offshore racing team. The Miss GEICO team, which painted its recently repaired 47-foot catamaran with House of Kolor paint, has been working closely with Bryan Nichols, global motorsports marketing manager for Sherwin-Williams (the company purchased House of Kolor a year ago), and Tom Smith, House of Kolor’s national sales manager, as of late to help them get a better feel for the performance boat industry and introduce their new-and-improved paint system.

Since their company reportedly has the largest Sherwin-Williams contract in Florida, the Munyans became more familiar with the House of Kolor product line after Sherwin-Williams purchased the custom paint company.

“Daniel pretty much handled all of the paint stuff—thanks to Marc he’s got to know the crew at House of Kolor well,” he explained. “They even took a couple of them to the Miami International Boat Show this year to show them around.”

Daniel Munyan, who has become an even bigger advocate of the new marine line of paints from House Of Kolor after seeing the finished graphics on the boat, said he’s been extremely impressed with Statement Marine and everything Buis and company has done with the cat.

“Statement is making this boat perfect,” Daniel Munyan said. “They added a bustle to the Pilini design to make it easier to get on and off the boat from the rear, they changed the large rear hatch to two hatches and they moved all of the rigging to the centerline, which keeps everything more secure and straightforward. They understand the boat needed to look good, but they’ve also done a good job figuring out that it needs to be functional and making it that way. We run our boats often, and this one is going to get a lot of use.”

According to Buis, Statement’s goal was to keep the boat’s graphics clean and emphasize the lines of the catamaran. He said he’s very happy with how everything has come together—especially the interior—and was beyond impressed with the House of Kolor paint.

“We took the Pilini and Statement-ized it,” Buis expressed then chuckled. “We modified the dash and the windshield as well as the rear deck and transom area. We changed a few things ergonomically, too. With the Munyans boat we handled the paint and the interior, which is a combination of Alcantara and suede, in house. Fortunately the bottom of the boat works—we know that—so we didn’t have to change anything there.”

Ralph Munyan said he opted to have the boat set up with dual steering with the throttles and shifters in the center console between the front bucket seats so the boat can be driven from port or starboard side.

“I am comfortable throttling with my left hand, but both of my sons, Daniel and Robbie, prefer throttling with their right hand so we decided to make it so you can switch the steering wheel depending on who wants to drive,” he explained. “We also decided to increase the boat’s fuel capacity. And of course we’re going with the latest and greatest from Mercury Racing. We can’t wait to see how it runs with the new 450R engines.”

Editor’s note: Look for a follow-up story on the new Statement cat once testing begins.

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