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Sneak Peek Photo Gallery: DCB M44 ‘Bananas XL’

Why should you have to wait till noon today—when the Los Angeles Boat Show opens at the Pomona Fairplex in Southern California—to get a glimpse of the latest M44 catamaran from DCB Performance Boats? The simple answer? You shouldn’t.

dcbm44bananas 04A

While it’s a safe bet the lighting inside the Pomona Fairplex won’t do DCB’s newest M44 catamaran justice, this image surely does (click for full frame).

And thanks to Jeff Johnston, the president of the El Cajon, Calif., custom high-performance powerboat company, you don’t. Johnston graciously provided images of the incredibly detailed, outrageous yellow-and-black-hued 44-footer dubbed Bananas XL and powered by Mercury Racing dual-calibration 1550/1350 engines. The cat is sure to grab the spotlight during the annual four-day event.

As previously reported on speedonthewater.com, the boat is owned by Dave and Buffie Megugorac and is their second catamaran with the Bananas name. Per the story, the Megugoracs also plan to keep their 35-footer.

That’s the kind of two-horse stable most performance-boat lovers dream of having—but won’t. Still, you (and we) can always dream.

We hope this gallery helps.

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