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Sneak Peek: Doug Wright Designs Finishing Up 28-Foot Catamaran Plug

Earlier this week, photographer Pete Boden stopped by the Doug Wright Designs shop in Melbourne, Fla., to catch up on a couple of ongoing projects including a new 32-footer that will be rigged at Grant’s Signature Racing and repairs on the 2015 Stock-class world championship-winning Talbot Excavating raceboat. While walking through the shop, Boden spied a deck plug for a new 28-foot catamaran taking final shape on the company’s CNC machine and he snapped a picture of it on his smart phone. Once finished, the deck plug will sent to Texas-based Fat Cat Boats. (The hull plug has already been completed and delivered.)


While Doug Wright Designs created the designs and plugs for this 28-foot catamaran, the boat will be manufactured by a boat builder in Texas. Photo courtesy/copyright Pete Boden/Shoot 2 Thrill Pix.

“We are doing the rough plugs for Rick George, who owns Fat Cat Boats, and he’s going to create tooling from the plugs and build the boat himself for his customers,” said Doug Wright, Sr. “He is probably going to offer it with a single outboard, twin outboards or a single big-block. He likes to go fast.

“With a single 400-hp outboard, we’d like to see if it could get over 100 mph,” he added. “I wouldn’t call it a ‘calm-water boat,’ but I don’t think it’s set up to for big water. The sponsons are kind of narrow and it has a wide tunnel.”

According to the Fat Cats Boats website, the company builds high-performance flats boats, runabout and catamarans, some of which are still in development, from 32 to 40 feet long.

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