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Sneak Peek: Digging The Jetster MTI 390X

One of the coolest and humblest cats you’ll ever meet in the go-fast boating world, Michigan’s Burton Kirsten does nothing halfway. If he’s in, he’s all in and, of course, that translates to the boats he calls his own.The most recent of these is an MTI 390X catamaran currently being painted at Stephen Miles Design in Owensboro, Ky., to match his outrageous Outerlimits Offshore Powerboats SC 46 catamaran called Jet.

Meet Jetster, the latest addition to the Kirsten’s family of beautiful high-performance boats.

If this story sounds familiar, that’s because Kirsten took a similar path a couple of years back with an MTI 340X catamaran powered by Mercury Racing 450R outboard engines he bought for his wife, Yvette. The Kirstens dubbed that boat Lil Jet.

But when the Wentzville, Mo., high-performance catamaran and center console builder added the 39-footer to its catamaran line, the Kirstens put its smaller 34-foot sibling up for sale and ordered one with a set of 450Rs.

The new build was larger than Lil Jet but smaller than Jet, which meant they needed another name. They arrived at Jetster, and though the cat retains some of its predecessor’s graphic elements the overall look is decidedly different.

Enjoy a closer look.

“We went more colorful with this one,” said Miles. “Jet was a very unique color scheme and design when we created it a few years ago and, of course, we did Lil Jet to match it. But since then that color combo and style has been sampled so much.

“Burton and Yvette wanted to go with a little more color this time,” he continued. “While this color combo on Jetster is hardly original, it’s definitely timeless. I’m extremely pleased with how she turned out.”

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