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Sneak Peek: DCB ‘Decking Out’ New Headquarters

Not long after DCB Performance Marine relocated from California to Arizona, speedonthewater.com co-publisher Jason Johnson visited the new facility. Johnson spent time with two of the company’s owners, Jeff Johnston and Paul Miller, and congratulated them on their modern-digs. But he also conceded that the place “had a ways to go” before it became functional for building custom high-performance catamarans.

All tooling for DCB catamarans, including the deck tooling for the popular M37R Widebody catamaran, are now in the Phoenix location.

Much of equipment, tooling and supplies were still at the Southern California facility. The news that DCB was moving under the guidance of new majority business partners, Craig and Kim Hargreaves, had only been reported a few days earlier so that was to be expected.

“With the exception of the offices being set up, there was almost nothing in there,” Johnson said.

That was June 30—one of the first days of the Arizona community’s record-setting 31 consecutive days of 110 degree-plus weather.

Since then, the DCB team reportedly has been busy getting production up to speed. Bearing this out are photos from the plant we received from DCB president Johnston, who can’t wait to show off the facility to current and future DCB owners.

“Our new spray booth and lamination departments are up and running,” Johnston said. “The boat in the photo belongs to Bryce Menzies. It’s his second M37R build and we couldn’t happier with it. This will be the first deck and hull—entire boat for that matter—laid up 100 percent here in Phoenix.

“It will be going to Stephen Miles of Stephen Miles Design in Kentucky in eight to 10 weeks for its custom paintjob,” he added. “The boat is going to be something special.”

The first M37R catamaran deck out of DCB’s new digs is complete.

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