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Sneak Peek: Cigarette Teaser Video For 2020 Miami Boat Show

From its elaborate display on the docks to the models it unveils on its own and through its marketing partnership with Mercedes-AMG, no high-performance boatbuilder makes a bigger deal of the annual Miami International Boat Show than Cigarette Racing Team. That the show happens in the “backyard” of the nearby Opa-Locka, Fla.,boatbuilder is a big deal for company owner Skip Braver. Braver isn’t just proud of his company’s luxurious lifestyle products and wants to unveil them for the world in the finest possible setting. He’s a proud member of the South Florida community.


Miami has always been, and likely always will be, Cigarette’s hometown. And Braver and company take that fact seriously.

To that end, Braver always goes for the big-reveal in Miami rather than letting people know what’s coming in advance. As part of that release strategy, Cigarette drops teaser videos ahead of the show. Though the first one hasn’t officially dropped just yet, Braver provided speedonthewater.com with an exclusive advance release. And we’re bringing it to you.

But what is it? In typical Cigarette fashion, the video is professionally executed and polished—and provides very little concrete information about what the builder has in store for upcoming the Miami event, which opens next Thursday at 10 a.m.

But that’s why they’re called teasers, right? The goal is to get you thinking. And talking.

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