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Sneak Peak Gallery: Fountain 39 NX Coming To Miami

Among several Fountain offerings that will be on display during the Miami International Boat Show this week, the showpiece of the company’s direction moving forward is the new 39 NX performance center console. According to Iconic Marine Group—the parent company of the Fountain, Donzi and Baja brands—chief operating office Joe Curran, the 39-footer is linchpin of the “Next Generation” Fountain line that will expand in the coming years.

fountain39nx 12

The new 39 NX is the first in what will be a series of Fountain’s Next Generation center consoles. Said Fountain COO Joe Curran, “We purposely left the first boat white so people could have a blank canvas and use their imaginations for graphics.”

“The 39 NX is the first new boat that Fountain, as a brand, has brought out in I don’t know how long,” said Curran. “Among the biggest difference in Fountain’s Next Generation line is using the infusion process for lamination. The 39 NX hull is based of the Fountain 38 center console running surface, but we added beam by going from 10’6” to 11’3″—and the boat is four inches taller. We also added a cabin with a doubl berth inside the console.

“This is a completely different boat than Fountain has ever built before,” he continued. “The center console market has changed, as you know, and this boat appeals to that broader market. You can have it appointed to serious-fish with, or have serious fun with.”

For closer look at the Fountain 39 NX center console, check out the slideshow above. 

Curran credited Fountain’s in-house engineering and design team led by Steve Wedde. “The 39 NX is the product of a completely new and talented engineering and design team we have recruited to this company,” he said. “They have created a product that is scalable beyond 39 feet, as well as below 39 feet. This boat will be followed up by a 43 this summer and a 35 in 2019. Our goal is to create a new family of Fountain products over the next two years that build on the Fountain DNA and enhance the Fountain brand.

“We also have a Donzi Marina 39 GT prototype in the mold and a new 36 ZSC beginning development back at the factory,” he added. “Both of the Donzis will set the stage for two new lines within the Donzi brand.”

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