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Smokin’ the Sound and Lake Race Forming Invitational Series

biloxi ozarks lakeraceThe well-received format of last summer’s Lake Race in Missouri, especially its open-format Performance Xtreme class (pictured), is going to be implemented for the 2014 Smokin’ the Sound offshore race in Biloxi, Miss.

The producers behind Smokin’ the Sound in Biloxi, Miss., and Lake Race in Lake Ozark, Mo., announced today that they will collaborate in 2014 with hopes of developing a future multi-site invitational powerboat racing series.

The current two-race series is being developed as a “racer’s race.” With overwhelming competitor acceptance and positive spectator comments following the inaugural Lake Race in June, the venues are joining forces to bring the format used at Lake Race 2013 to Biloxi (and potentially other sites). A large prize purse, room incentives for teams, larger boat classes, live multi-camera network TV and radio coverage are some of the reasons why racers, sponsors and fans were refreshed by the Lake Race event, which was presented by Mountain Dew and Formula Boats of Missouri.

Smokin' the Sound and Lake Race are coming together for an invitational series next year.Along with enticing cash prizes for all classes at both events, a top points champion will be crowned with the overall winner receiving an additional cash purse. Along with five speed-bracketed classes, Super Vee Lite, Super Stock and well-received TriToon class, the “run-what-you-brung” unlimited PX (Performance Xtreme) class that debuted at the Lake Race was the main attraction. Combining canopied V-bottoms and catamarans from normally different classes made it possible to field a larger class of boats and a provide a better overall fan experience. And as the Lake Race results proved, even with bigger, faster boats in the field, racing skill and planning makes a difference.

“We brought the races back to Lake of the Ozarks this past summer and everyone who attended said they really enjoyed the weekend,” said Lake Race Director Alvin Heathman. “Being a racer myself, we are trying to make it as easy as possible for the guys, and gals, to run their boats in a safe and professional environment. We are contracting with Offshore Super Series for race management and safety.

“To me the racers are the show—if you don’t have them you don’t have anything,” Heathman continued. “So we’re joining forces with Biloxi to get more boats and put on a better show. We’ll be catering to the racers for sure. We want them to show up, put on a show—on land and on water—race their butts off and get paid for it.”

Heathman said that organizers of both events are currently negotiating for live broadcast coverage of the races, seeking sponsorship and planning additional elements to enhance their events in 2014.

“We want to invite all race teams to these invitational races,” said Smokin’ the Sound Producer Woody Bailey. “Our goal is to host a safe, fun weekend with as many bonuses for the racers we can offer.”

Speedonthewater.com will continue to cover the series as more information becomes available. Smokin’ the Sound is scheduled for April 25-27, 2014 and Lake Race is set for June 5-8, 2014.

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