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Smith Building New Deck for 30-Foot Phantom Raceboat

Of the eight Superboat Vee-class teams currently listed on the Super Boat International website, three run 30- to 32-foot raceboats built by Will Smith at Phantom Boats in Sarasota, Fla. With the introduction of a new deck for its 30-foot model, Smith is hoping that number will grow this year.

phantomplug 01

Smith said he should start building a deck mold from the new plug in a couple of weeks (click image for full frame).

A scaled-down version of the deck on the 38-foot Phantom, the new deck for the 30-footer presently is in the plug stage. Said Smith, “I have a lot of sanding to do.” In roughly two weeks, he’ll use the finished plug to make a deck mold.

“The new deck gives the boat more balance,” said Smith. “But it also gives you a whole new deck cockpit design including a two-piece windshield and a shock-absorbing seat.”

Smith said he has three verbal commitments from buyers for the ready-to-rig 30-footer, which is priced at $75,000 including the seat, two-piece windshield, fuel tank and ballast tank and is “hustling to get the new deck tool done.”

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