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Slideshow of the Week: Taking a Bite Out of Buffalo

For as disappointed as Tim Sharkey was that he didn’t get the opportunity to capture too many running shots at the inaugural Erie Poker Run in Pennsylvania in early June, he more than made up for it at the Buffalo Poker Run in Western New York two months later.

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Joe Sgro brought his SV 43 Outerlimits, the canopied V-bottom that ran more than 180 mph in 2014, to the Buffalo Poker Run. All photos courtesy/copyright Tim Sharkey/Sharkey-Images.com

Sharkey spent most of his time last week sorting through the nearly 7,000 photos, editing and color correcting them, and adding them to his online galleries for the boat owners, many of which placed deposits to make sure Sharkey work on the pictures of their boats first. As expected, Sharkey’s work from his fifth time covering the poker run was exceptional.

Fortunately for us—and you—Sharkey, who lives in New Jersey, selected 11 of his favorites, which he said showcase the great variety of boats that participated in the event, and sent them over for our Slideshow of the Week.

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The variety of boats that participated in the Buffalo Poker Run is evident in the slideshow above.

I was able to hang out with Sharkey for a couple of days in Buffalo and got to see him at work from a helicopter above while I was riding with Bob Funk in his 32-foot Spectre Powerboats catamaran. I also got to see him interact with his customers, many of whom have become friends, and it’s easy to see why he’s the go-to go-fast photographer in the Northeast.

Sharkey said he’s still accepting deposit packages for images from the run and to contact him through his website if you’re interested as he still has a couple thousand images to edit. Check his gallery from the Bufalo Poker Run.

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