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Slideshow of the Week: Mystic Transformation


Painting a powerboat is a process in the truest sense of the word. As most go-fast boat enthusiasts know, it happens in stages. Mask and apply color. Mask again and apply another color. Bottom line: High-quality paintwork takes time, talent and attention to detail. Rush the process and the finished product looks rushed.

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Want to see an almost-finished performance-boat paint job come to life in less than 45 seconds? Check out the slideshow above.

Of course, watching a paint job come to life in real time is about as interesting as—pardon the cliché—watching paint dry. So thanks to John Cosker of Mystic Powerboats and Scott Sjogren of Pier 57, we’ve provided a condensed, slideshow view of the process as it happened during the past two weeks on Mystic’s new C4400 catamaran, the second model finished and the first to be powered by Mercury Racing 1100 engines.

Several details remain before this paint job can be considered a finished product, but as you can see from the slideshow it’s well on its way.

“They still have to do the clear coat, buff it out and paint the Mystic logo on the deck,” said Sjogren. “There’s also a little paint work to do on the back of the boat. Hopefully, it will all be done by the end of the week.”

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