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Slideshow: 2013 Year in Pictures

We at speedonthewater.com are thankful for the many great photographers that we get to work with day in and day out. That’s why we were more than pleased to showcase some of the year’s highlights in an assortment of spectacular images from 2013.

All 40 of the images presented in our 2013 Year in Pictures feature are included in this slideshow. The full feature is available in the November/December issue of Speed On The Water magazine (click here to download the issue), and provides more information on the various images selected for our inaugural Year in Pictures.

We hope you appreciate the selected images as much as we do. Here’s to a great 2014 boating season filled with plenty of captured action!


{besps_c]0|yip01_marymac.jpg|Miss Mary Mac|The turbine-powered Miss Mary Mac airs it out at the Offshore Powerboat Association race in Maryland. Photo by Tim Sharkey{/besps_c]

{besps_c]0|yip02_miami.jpg|Postcards From Miami|The Florida Powerboat Club held its annual Miami Boat Show Poker Run in February, and for the first time in years, the event sold out. Photo courtesy Florida Powerboat Club{/besps_c]

{besps_c]0|yip03_desertstorm.jpg|Storming the Desert|Boats cruise along Arizona’s Lake Havasu during the Desert Storm Poker Run. Photo by Jay Nichols{/besps_c]

{besps_c]0|yip04_tickfaw.jpg|Born on a Bayou|Each May, boaters from the South and beyond flock to the Tickfaw 200 Poker Run in Louisiana. Photo by Jay Nichols{/besps_c]

{besps_c]0|yip05_atlanticcity.jpg|Atlantic City Jackpot|The Atlantic City Poker Run grew into the Atlantic City Festival of Speed in 2013. Photo by Tim Sharkey{/besps_c]

{besps_c]0|yip06_lakerace.jpg|Brand New Race|The Lake Race in Missouri drew rave reviews from racers and spectators by delivering new twists including a pontoon class race. Photo by KP/Moto-Mg.com{/besps_c]

{besps_c]0|yip07_nyc.jpg|Escape to New York|The New York City Poker Run returned to the Hudson River after a four-year hiatus. Photo by Tim Sharkey{/besps_c]

{besps_c]0|yip08_shoredreams.jpg|Dream Weavers|Under great leadership and a dedicated team of volunteers, the Shore Dreams for Kids event came together less than a year after Hurricane Sandy ravaged the New Jersey Shore. Photo by Tim Sharkey{/besps_c]

{besps_c]0|yip09_lanier.jpg|Pirates Give Back|A mind-blowing $250,000 was raised for charity at this summer’s Pirates of Lanier Poker Run in Georgia. Photo by Jeff Gerardi{/besps_c]
{besps_c]0|yip10_buffalo.jpg|Buffalo Shuffles the Deck|New York’s Buffalo Poker Run set an event record with more than 100 registered boats. Photo by Tim Sharkey{/besps_c]

{besps_c]0|yip11_bigcat.jpg|Catting Around in California|The Big Cat Poker Run took over the Sacramento River Delta in style in mid-August. Photo by Jason Johnson{/besps_c]
{besps_c]0|yip12_boynethunder.jpg|Rolling Thunder|The annual Boyne Thunder Poker Run in Michigan had a record-setting 84 boats participate this year. Photo by Jay Nichols{/besps_c]
{besps_c]0|yip13_emeraldcoast.jpg|Still a Gem|Despite poor weather that forced the cancellation of the Emerald Coast Poker Run, participants made the most of the rest of the event. Photo by Florida Powerboat Club{/besps_c]
{besps_c]0|yip14_shootout.jpg|All Time Shootout|With record-setting runs, the introduction of the Hall of Fame and much more, it’s going to be tough to top the 25th anniversary of the Lake of the Ozarks Shootout in Missouri. Photo by George Denny{/besps_c]
{besps_c]0|yip15_keywest.jpg|Key West Finale|Between raceboats and poker run boats, some of the finest hardware in the world flocked to Key West in November. Photo by Jeff Gerardi{/besps_c]
{besps_c]0|yip16_statement.jpg|Stray Cat Strut|Statement Marine showcased its first 50-foot catamaran powered by twin Mercury Racing 1350 engines in February. Photo by Jay Nichols{/besps_c]
{besps_c]0|yip17_funrun.jpg|Gratton Celebrated|More than 60 boats attended the Sarasota New Year’s Day Fun Run, which was dedicated to late offshore racer Joey Gratton. Photo by Flavia Torrente{/besps_c]
{besps_c]0|yip18_miami.jpg|Miami Show Delivers|From Cigarette Racing’s AMG Electric Drive 38′ Top Gun and MTI’s jaw-dropping 52-foot Black Diamond catamaran to new engines from Mercury Racing and Ilmor Marine, the Miami International Boat Show was the best new-product showcase in recent years. Photo courtesy Cigarette Racing{/besps_c]
{besps_c]0|yip19_gtmm.jpg|GTMM 39 Makes a Splash|Powered by twin 700-hp engines from Mercury Racing, the stunning GTMM 39 V-bottom flies along Miami’s Biscayne Bay. Photo by Forest Johnson{/besps_c]
{besps_c]0|yip20_cranmer.jpg|Go-Fast Community Rallies for Cranmer|Critically injured Jersey Outlaws racer Kenny Cranmer got a lift from fellow racers and performance-boat owners. Photo by Tim Sharkey{/besps_c]
{besps_c]0|yip21_geico.jpg|Miss GEICO Goes Piston|In May, the Miss GEICO offshore racing team tested its catamaran featuring the first set of Mercury Racing 1650 Race engines. Photo byJay Nichols{/besps_c]
{besps_c]0|yip22_miamistadium.jpg|Estefan Rises to Support Miami Marine Stadium|Grammy Award-winning artist Gloria Estefan signed on to support the restoration efforts for the legendary Miami Marine Stadium. Photo by Carlos Betancourt Inc.{/besps_c]
{besps_c]0|yip23_desertstorm.jpg|How Skater Won the West|Gary Colledge’s power hardtop 388 Skater took home “Best in Show” honors at the Desert Storm Poker Run’s Street Party. Photo by Jay Nichols{/besps_c]
{besps_c]0|yip24_phantom.jpg|Survival of the Fittest|Mark Niemann and Kurt Jagel walked away from the Phantom 9 race team’s violent crash at the Sarasota Grand Prix in early July. Photo by Jay Nichols{/besps_c]

{besps_c]0|yip25_williams.jpg|Better Than a Ring?|In June, NFL superstar Mario Williams of the Buffalo Bills took delivery of his new 446 catamaran from Marine Technology Inc. in Houston just in time for the Texas Outlaw Challenge. Photo courtesy Marine Technology Inc.{/besps_c]
{besps_c]0|yip26_shootout.jpg|Outerlimits SL 52 Hits 150 MPH at Shootout|Canadian Dave Scotto’s 52-foot Outerlimits Powerboats V-bottom with twin 1,650-hp Mercury Racing engines reached 150-mph at the Lake of the Ozarks Shootout in Missouri. Photo by Jay Nichols{/besps_c]
{besps_c]0|yip27_myway.jpg|My Way Shatters Shootout Record|In My Way, his turbine-powered 50-foot catamaran from Mystic Powerboats, Bill Tomlinson reached 224 mph to set a Lake of the Ozarks Shootout record and win his second Top Gun trophy in three years. Photo by Jay Nichols{/besps_c]
{besps_c]0|yip28_sterling.jpg|Sterling 1700 Skater Boils Shootout Water|A 36-foot Skater Powerboats catamaran with the first set of twin 1,700-hp turbocharged engines from Sterling Performance posted a 195-mph top speed at the Lake of the Ozarks Shootout in Missouri. Photo by Jay Nichols{/besps_c]
{besps_c]0|yip29_p1.jpg|U.S. Racers Rock the U.K.|P1 SuperStock teammates Andy Biddle and Tracy Blumenstein won the United Kingdom National Championship in August then followed that up wih the U.S. championship in November. Photo courtesy P1 SuperStock{/besps_c]
{besps_c]0|yip30_david.jpg|Farewell to a Legend|One of boat racing’s greatest ambassadors, Steve David called it quits after the final race of the H1 Unlimited season in San Diego. Photo by Jason Johnson{/besps_c]
{besps_c]0|yip31_911.jpg|Sept. 11 Salute|In a touching 9/11 tribute, this shot captures the Freedom Tower, the Miss GEICO race boat and the Liberty State Park “Empty Sky” September 11 Memorial. Photo by Tim Sharkey{/besps_c]
{besps_c]0|yip32_mti42.jpg|MTI V42|Marine Technology Inc. entered the V-bottom game with its stylish 42-foot center console that rides on a patented hull design. Photo courtesy Marine Technology Inc.{/besps_c]
{besps_c]0|yip33_mercury.jpg|Mercury Racing 1650 Race Engine|Miss GEICO driver Marc Granet grins over the first set of production 1650 Race engines from Mercury Racing. Photo by Jay Nichols{/besps_c]
{besps_c]0|yip34_sunsation.jpg|Sunsation 34 CCX|Sunsation Boats appears to have developed a winning design with its new 34 Center Cabin Xtreme (CCX). Photo courtesy Sunsation Boats{/besps_c]
{besps_c]0|yip35_dcbm29.jpg|Dave’s Custom Boats M29|The first M29 model from Dave’s Custom Boats was powered by a pair of Mercury OptiMax 300XS engines. Photo by Todd Taylor{/besps_c]
{besps_c]0|yip36_outerlimits.jpg|Outerlimits Super Leggera 36|Outerlimits Powerboats built its first SL 36 V-bottom with the first pair of Mercury Racing 520 engines. Photo courtesy Outerlimits Powerboats{/besps_c]
{besps_c]0|yip37_mercury520.jpg|Mercury Racing 520 Engine|Available with an unprecedented two-year warranty, Mercury Racing announced its new large-displacement 520 engine at the end of August. Photo courtesy Mercury Racing{/besps_c]
{besps_c]0|yip38_farrar.jpg|Joe Farrar|Offshore racer Joe Farrar, of Long Island, N.Y., passed away in July. Photo by Tim Sharley{/besps_c]
{besps_c]0|yip39_headley.jpg|Lenny Headley|Northern California photographer Lenny Headley died from health complications in August. Photo by Lake Racer LLC{/besps_c]
{besps_c]0|yip40_cumberland.jpg|Jeffrey Asbell and Brad Smith|In a tragic accident at the Lake Cumberland Poker Run in Kentucky, Jeffrey Asbell and Brad Smith lost their lives when their boat crashed. Photo by Jay Nichols{/besps_c]
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