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Skater Powerboats Going ‘Full Bore’ On 588 Catamaran Hull Mold And More

Given the demand for the existing handcrafted catamarans in the Skater Powerboats line and the time required for each build, new-model development can take time. Case in point is the Douglas, Mich., company’s 588 catamaran project, which has been in the works for a couple of years.

Working on the hull mold for the new Skater 588, a crew member provides scale for what will be a massive catamaran.

But according to Skater national sales manager Tony Cutsuries, company principal Peter Hledin and his crew recently have been focused on finishing the hull-mold for the 58-footer with renewed vigor. And they are not far from completion.

“We had been working on it here and there, but we’re going full bore now,” he said. “I am hoping the 588 mold will be done, and we’ll have to build the frame around it once it’s completed, in about six months.”

Cutsuries said Skater has a couple of clients interested in the 588 with dual-calibration Mercury Racing 1550/1350 engines. In the meantime, the company is slammed with new builds across its catamaran line.

“It’s funny how the cycle goes,” said Cutsuries. “All the sudden, we have a lot of orders for the 318. But we also have orders for outboard and stern drive 368s. We’re building a bunch of 388 pleasure boats, and even a new 388 raceboat. And we’re building more 438s.

Currently being painted, Fair Chase is one of several 36-footers in the works at Skater Powerboats.

“When this whole COVID-19 deal came into place, like everyone else I was very nervous for our business,” he added. “But business is good. Really, it’s never been better.”

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