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Skater 318 Update: Pre-Paint Sanding In Progress

Primed and deep into the sanding process, the new Douglas Marine Skater 318 catamaran is progressing strongly, according to Tony Cutsuries, the national sales manager for the Douglas, Mich., custom high-performance boat company. As sanding continues in preparation for painting, the 31-footer’s deck and hull lines are starting to emerge and come into clearer focus.


Rendering for Skater 318 catamaran hull No. 1 by Thomas Kulesia, II/No Coast Design.

“I think it should be heading to the paint booth in the next two or three weeks,” said Cutsuries. “I’ll be back at Skater next week and I’ll have a better idea.”

Cutsuries has maintained contact with Steve Lane, the Toms River, N.J.-based owner of the boat, as the project has progressed. Skater principal Peter Hledin, who has said many times during the years that developing new models is among his favorite tasks, is involved with the build in typically close fashion.

The Skater 318 will be the company’s first model with Mercury Racing Verado 400R outboard engines.

“I’ll be talking with the owner next week about the interior, and we’ll be picking colors,” said Cutsuries. “I should also have a good idea by then when the project will be completed.”


Editor’s Note: Speedonthewater.com will continue to report on this project as it progresses through its major stages.

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